Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the time limit on this race?

    All races will be closed at 2:00 pm. If you are still running after this time, we ask that you get onto the sidewalk since there will be no more course support.

  • What is the official race t-shirt?

    T-shirt is a short-sleeve, technical fabric.  Order your true size for a training shirt.

  • Are wheelchairs permitted?

    No, at this time there is not a division for wheelchairs.

  • Will the miles be marked on the course?

    Yes, the miles will be marked on the road or the path at every mile for both half marathon and full marathon distances.

  • Will there be aid stations on the course?

    There will be water and energy drink approximately every two miles on the course. There will be energy gels and other food sources approximately every seven miles on the course.

  • Will there be portable bathrooms on the course?

    Yes, there will be bathrooms at the start and finish as well as on the course at approximately 4-5 mile increments.

  • Can someone else pick up my packet?

    Yes, the party will be required to provide photo ID and the street address for the participant.

  • Are roller skates, inline skates, bikes, strollers or pets allowed to participate in the events?

    No.  If you are caught on the course with any of these, you will be directed off the course.

  • Are headphones of any kind allowed in the events?

    The Holland Haven Marathon strongly discourages the use of headphones.  We ask that you not listen to music so that you may safely hear instructions from directors, volunteers, and police; you are able to enjoy the sounds of the events and the runners around you.

  • Can I walk the race?

    The Holland Haven Marathon welcomes walkers in the half marathon only.  Walkers may participate in the marathon but will be classified as a runner.  All individuals must be able to maintain a pace of 15 minutes per mile.  For safety reasons early start times are not permitted.

  • I’m interested in volunteering, how can I get signed up?

    If you or your organization would like to volunteer please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Hannah Johnsen at for opportunities.

  • What is the course?

    The full and half marathons both run along the lakeshore of Lake Michigan.  Please see the course maps on the full marathon,  half marathon and 8K pages for details.

  • Do you have a training guide I can use on my own?

    There is no training guide available at this time.

  • Where is packet pick-up?

    CrossFit Soaring Ledge.  See packet pick up for details.

  • What are the hours for packet pick-up?

    See packet pick up for details.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Refunds are not available.  See registration for details.

  • Can I change races?

    Yes.  See registration for details.

  • Can I transfer my bib?

    Yes.  See registration for details.

  • Can I register the day of the race?

    No. You can register online until Wednesday 9/6/2017.

    Register by phone 9/7/2017 – 9/9/2017.

    Late registration is also available at Packet Pick up at CFSL on 9/9/2017.

  • Where should I park?

    Parking is available at both starting locations and the finish.  Finish Parking 2016Full Parking 2016Half Parking 2016

  • Is the Holland Haven a Boston qualifier?

    Yes.  The marathon course is USATF and Boston certified.

  • How is the race timed?

    The race is electronically timed using a timing chip system.

  • What roads will be closed during the race?

    One lane of River and Pine avenues will be closed in Holland.  All other running will be on bike paths.

  • Will there be pacers?

    There are not pacers at this time.

  • My GPS says I ran longer than 13.1/26.2. Are you sure the course is accurate?

    Yes. The course was certified by a USATF official. GPS devices are not as accurate as many runners believe. Even if you had a perfectly accurate GPS device, you should expect it to record a distance slightly longer than the official length. When you factor in the crowds and the water stops, it is nearly impossible to run the shortest possible path that the course certifier takes when measuring. In fact, if your GPS ever gives you the precise official length of the race, it is most likely that either your device is off or the course is short.

  • Will an official race photographer be on the course?

    Yes, photos will be available for free after the race on our website and facebook page.

  • What will the temperature be the day of the race?

    Average temperatures on September 11th range from 59F to 75F.

  • What will I receive when I cross the finish line?

    Everyone who completes the event will receive a finishing medal.

  • Where should my friends and family watch me on the course?

    Spectators will be able to watch along most of the race course.  We suggest driving to a main intersection of the race course along a side road and parking for spectating.

  • Will there be buses available for transporting runners?


    Finish: CrossFit Soaring Ledge, 76 S River Ave Holland, MI 49423

    2 buses will be stationed in Holland at the finishers’ area.  The buses will be designated for marathon runners to ride to Rosy Mound School.  The 2 buses will leave Holland at staggered intervals of 20 minutes to allow participants the chance to ride at various times.

    Bus 1: Leave Holland, 5:50 am.  Arrive Rosy Mound School, 6:35 am.  Bus 1 will remain at Rosy Mound School until 7:30 am and be loaded with participant gear by volunteers.  Bus 1 will return to CrossFit Soaring Ledge in Holland and be unloaded by volunteers. Dismissed at 8:30 am

    Bus 2: Leave Holland, 6:10 am.  Arrive Rosy Mound School, 6:55 am. Dismissed at 7:00 am

    Half Marathon

    Half Marathon Bus Schedule

    Bus 1: Leave Holland, 6:40 am.  Arrive Camp Geneva, 7:00 am.  Bus 4 will remain at Camp Geneva until 8:00 am and be loaded with participant gear by volunteers.  Bus 3 will return to CrossFit Soaring Ledge in Holland and be unloaded by volunteers. Dismissed at 9:00 am

    Bus 2: Leave Holland, 7:00 am.  Arrive Camp Geneva, 7:20 am. Dismissed at 7:30 am

  • Is gear check available? and How does it work?

    Gear/bag check will be available at both starting locations.  A bus will be stationed at each start to collect gear and transport it to the finish at CrossFit Soaring Ledge.  More details will be included in pre-race communications to registered participants.

  • Will there be beer at the finish?

    Yes, for 2017 the Holland Haven Marathon there will be beer available at the finish line.

  • Will I be able to shower after the race?

    Yes, showers are available at CrossFit Soaring Ledge

  • What is the elevation on this course?

    The elevation chart is below:

    HHM Elevation

  • What if I miss the shuttle to the starting line?

    Unfortunately, we cannot delay the race start for late participants.  All shuttles will run on time.

  • Where can I meet my family after the race?

    Family members can meet up with runners in the finishers area at CrossFit Soaring Ledge.

  • What are the age group awards divisions?

    The full marathon, half marathon and 8K all have an overall male and female winner along with a masters (40+) male and female winner. Age group divisions for full marathon, half marathon and 8K are 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+ (Additionally there is a 17 and under division for 8K) The top 3 finishers in each male and female division receive awards.

  • Can I walk the race?

    The Holland Haven Marathon welcomes walkers in both the 8K and half marathon races.

Still have a question? Please send an email to Eddie Kline, Race Director: